The only way to get better

We always bounce back

We set high standards and dedicate time and effort to reach them

This is how we thrive

We believe in what we can achieve

We use our voice and our body language equally.

We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them

We challenge ourselves to think outside the box

From little things, big things grow

We respect ourselves, our coaches, our teammates, our opposition and the referees

We welcome everyone and treat them as our equal

Our two most important pieces of equipment: we look after them

We apply all of the above to life outside of basketball.

The Hoop School is a basketball academy offering development pathways for junior players aged 5 to 18 year olds and for established semi-professional and professional players.

Every player involved in our academy must show a strong inclination towards basketball and be eager to learn and develop.

Every Hoop School program follows a clear progression chart relevant to the age and abilities of its participants.

The Hoop School will:

  • help committed players learn and develop fundamental basketball techniques and skills (e.g. how to shoot, pass and dribble better)

  • correct and adjust bad habits (ie how to unlearn in order to learn better)

  • develop basketball IQ (ie – how to make better and faster decisions)

  • introduce basketball-specific conditioning (eg how to run faster, jump higher, increase physical strength)

  • increase awareness of early functional movement (ie how to move more efficiently on the basketball court)

  • put a strong emphasis on defensive concepts (ie effective man to man defence, rebounding, team defence)

  • teach how to work as a team (ie where to go on the court, what to do when not in possession of the ball, spacing, how to communicate efficiently, etc),

  • encourage and teach effort and resilience (ie not being afraid of making mistakes, not quitting or giving up, getting up if we fall, etc)

  • help create basketball communities by bringing together players from different origins, gender and schools.

  • emphasise that the skills acquired during basketball practice are transferable to life off-court: school, family life, interaction with peers, etc

The Hoop School will not:

  • provide a child-minding program. Every student should attend only because he or she genuinely enjoys basketball and is keen to learn and improve.

  • tolerate any display of verbal or physical violence between students or towards coaches.

The Hoop School junior programs are inspired by the “Ecoles de Basket”,  which are basketball academies at the core of early fundamental basketball skills acquisition in France, Spain and other European junior basketball powerhouses.

The “Ecoles de basket”, also known as “MiniBasket” take a pedagogic, school-like approach to the teaching of basketball to help players aged 5 to 12 year olds:

  • understand the need for skills development

  • respect coaches, teammates, opponents

  • play within a frame of established rules

  • develop self-confidence and resilience
  • increase their awareness and management of space and time

  • learn about the importance of teamwork

  • measure their own progress and performance

  • compete at the best of their abilities in a nurturing environment

  • develop a taste for a healthy, active lifestyle

  • grow a strong, lasting interest for basketball